Since we started this beautiful tradition of making interviews with various personalities, it would be a shame not to have made an interview with a YouTuber. Without any doubt, one of these foreign personalities is Canoopsy. A boy whose videos are a design piece of art and among other YouTubers he can be called an artist. He is known for using subtle music, contrasting yellow, and unusual ideas like taking his desk outside. After the pandemic, it was more than understandable… He speaks simple English, which can be understood by less skilled listeners too, and while he can’t be considered a YouTube giant with his quarter of a million subscribers, he definitely belongs to the most creative ones and his work is worth mentioning. Moreover, his videos will give you good advice on how to practically use particular devices. Meet Isaac!

John Gruber

If you have been following Apple for some time now, you probably have some favorite reporters or journalists from abroad. Those experts who either met with the management Apple or have been to most of their events. They have a lot of experience and remember the very beginning of this brand. Those people are for example Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher, John Gruber or Federico Viticci, and they had been popular even before those on YouTube even started making content. Unlike MKBHD and others, they remember the first Macs or might have even been there when Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone.

Apple never announces detailed information about power, battery capacity and other things, during their unveiling. These details come out after sales begin and in vast majority of cases all of the information come from iFixit. Team of people regularly takes apart to a single screw not only new iPhone, Macbook or Apple Watch, but Android devices, cars or other appliances. On their website you can find detailed manuals, videos, photographs, how step-by-step change the battery, display or upgrade the SSD. How did iFixit even come to be? What pays their bills, when they have absolutely zero advertisement on their website?

I know Joseph Linaschke for quite a few years now, when he was at Apple, he worked not only on Aperture application. I admire his work and photos. Joseph lives in Ashland, Oregon and amongst his customers belong global corporations, rock stars or local restaurants and hotels. Besides photography, he dedicates his time also to e-learning, runs photographic workshops and various trainings. According to Joseph, Aperture was a great application and currently it could have been a good competition to Adobe Lightroom. However Apple canceled the product development entirely and its replacement should be Photos. Is it really like that? Can iPad Pro replace a computer to all creatives?

King of all Apple analysts. That’s how Fortune magazine called Romanian-American analyst Horace Dediu. Visionary, who, at the same time, belongs to the most respected business analysts in the world, has answered couple of our questions. When you google the name of this very significant visionary, you’ll find out, that he has more than 350 thousand citations. The quickly changing world of technology requires constant adaptation from us all – in business and in life. Possibilities, in which Horace Dediu believes, are endless.