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Since we started this beautiful tradition of making interviews with various personalities, it would be a shame not to have made an interview with a YouTuber. Without any doubt, one of these foreign personalities is Canoopsy. A boy whose videos are a design piece of art and among other YouTubers he can be called an artist. He is known for using subtle music, contrasting yellow, and unusual ideas like taking his desk outside. After the pandemic, it was more than understandable… He speaks simple English, which can be understood by less skilled listeners too, and while he can’t be considered a YouTube giant with his quarter of a million subscribers, he definitely belongs to the most creative ones and his work is worth mentioning. Moreover, his videos will give you good advice on how to practically use particular devices. Meet Isaac!

Hi Isaac. Please, tell our audience who you are. Who is behind your brand „Canoopsy“?

Hey, my name is Isaac, more commonly known as Canoopsy on YouTube… and everywhere else. I run everything on my own and I focus on creating lifestyle tech content.

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Based on your reviews of Apple products, you really like them. How was your way to the Apple world? Do you remember your first moment?

Yes! I love Apple products. They’ve been part of my life since as early as I can remember. My first Apple product was one of those classic colourful iMac G3s in Bondi Blue. From there, I was obsessed. After getting my first iPod Touch, I fell in love.

Did Apple change your life? If so, in what way?

In many ways! I applied for a job at my local store after graduating from high school and… I was declined. But that pushed me to make my YouTube channel my main job and priority. Besides that, Apple products allow me to create all the things I work on today.

Which products have you been using lately? What is your current setup? Although I have got an idea from your videos, not each of our readers has seen all your videos.

My main products are my 14″ MacBook Pro, Apple Watch Series 5 ceramic, iPad Pro 11″, iPhone 13 Pro Max.


What do you do besides making videos for YouTube and studying at university? What are your hobbies?

So, I guess I’m a full-time content creator now! I also run my own website/store and media company. I also do some occasional freelance design work here and there, as well as a few other top secret creative ventures. In terms of non-work-related things… Well, work takes up a lot of my life. I do love running, music, collecting vinyls/tapes, drawing, and cooking.

How do your studies affect your wallpapers? Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from everywhere. Toronto inspires a lot of my work, being such a bold, diverse city. The art/design/creative scene is incredible, and I’ve met so many wonderful people. My education experience as an advertising/design student doesn’t necessarily inspire my work directly but taught me how to think as a creative.

How long does it take to make one YouTube video? I love your design, it was one of the first things I noticed when I started watching your videos. Your artworks are simple, yet noticeable at first sight.

Thank you! Honestly, I’ve gotten it down to a rhythm. I can pretty much make a video from start to finish in 24 hours (if I barely eat and barely sleep of course).

What is your favorite tech product of all time? And which one is it from Apple?

iPad Pro. Easily. Changed my life in so many ways.


What are your favorite apps? Those you can’t imagine living without anymore. Let’s try 3, but if you want, you can add more.

Procreate on iPad. Final Cut Pro on Mac. Notes and voice memos app on iPhone. I’m a simple man!

You use an iPad a lot. Which iPad setup is your favorite (iPad version, keyboard/no keyboard, color)? Any app you can’t live without? I guess you like to draw and sketch a lot. Is it a device that changed the way you work, chill, read…?

iPad Pro 11″, Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil. The perfect combo. It is such a versatile and magical device. I use it for a lot of creative work, media consumption, and boring work like emails haha.


In a perfect world where batteries and cameras were equal on all iPhones Apple has ever introduced, which model and size would you choose?

Honestly, I alternate between wanting a tiny, tiny iPhone with the camera and battery of the 13 Pro Max… and just enjoying the size/form of the 13 Pro Max. I guess I wouldn’t mind a small iPhone.

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