John Gruber

If you have been following Apple for some time now, you probably have some favorite reporters or journalists from abroad. Those experts who either met with the management Apple or have been to most of their events. They have a lot of experience and remember the very beginning of this brand. Those people are for example Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher, John Gruber or Federico Viticci, and they had been popular even before those on YouTube even started making content. Unlike MKBHD and others, they remember the first Macs or might have even been there when Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone.


For quite some time, I have wanted to bring closer to you, our readers, some amazing people with knowledge about Apple. Having discussed this idea with our chief editor, I am incredibly happy that the first well-known person who agreed to give us an interview is the man behind the popular Twitter account called @BasicAppleGuy. You might know him or even be using some of his wallpapers, but for sure you do not know who he is or where his popularity came from. Personally, I would not dare miss his life story, so I asked him about that as well. I am thrilled to have got this opportunity. Moreover, thanks to Karel, who is skilled in translating, we are able to plan more interviews like that for our future issues. Now, let us move to the first interview of them all.


My story with English is definitely not over. I promised to keep you updated on how things are going with me. It’s been more than a year since I’ve been studying honestly and surrounding myself with English every day. These are the pieces that fill my mosaic and push me forward. I am still fascinated by Lingoda’s English courses, I try to read only in English and speak as actively as possible. On the other hand, I had to realize some limits.